Meetup “SBOM specification and platform for analyzing the SBOM file DependencyTrack”


Last week, as part of the SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES’s internal educational program STLab*, a meetup “SBOM specification and platform for analyzing the SBOM file DependencyTrack” was held. The event attracted a specialized audience including developers, technical and team leaders, project managers and resource managers. Special attention was paid to current topics in the information security field in the context of the supply chain. This time, secure development specialist Evgenii Yarashevich shared his experience with his colleagues.

During the meetup, colleagues discussed the following topical issues: SBOM specification, its essence, generation process and practical application, also attacks on the supply chain, known cases and methods of protection against them. Special attention was paid to the DependencyTrack component analysis platform, which uses the SBOM specification.

At the end of the event, participants asked their questions and received competent answers, which allowed them to expand and systematize their knowledge and skills in this area.


*STLab – internal training events, where speaker – employee of SYSTEM TECHNOLOGIES shares professional experience with colleagues.

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